Coastal culture and knowledge fund

Do you want to help strengthen your knowledge of the seafaring profession or coastal culture? The school ship Tordenskiold Foundation supports measures in Trøndelag that provide training in and information about the seafaring profession as well as sea and coastal culture.

About the foundation

The school ship Tordenskiold was established as a sea boy school by Trondheims Sparebank and Trondhjem’s Bændevinsamlag in 1899. The school ships trained seafarers from Central Norway who started as cadets at the age of 16-18. An estimated 3,000 cadets were trained during the almost 50 years the company was in operation. Cadets from school ships formed the backbone of Norwegian shipping’s heyday until the middle of the 20th century.

The school ship Tordenskiold Foundation manages the funds after the last school ship was sold in 1948.

Read more about the rich history of the school ship here.

Who can apply?

Individuals and interest organizations that provide or seek training in and information about the seafaring profession and / or maritime and coastal culture.

The foundation does not support real estate- or equipment acquisition.

Hvordan søker man?

A separate application form is completed and sent by e-mail or post in complete and signed condition to:

The school ship Tordenskjold Foundation

c / o Port of Trondheim IKS

PO Box 1234, 7462 Torgard


If the application is granted, in whole or in part, the foundation may require additional documentation or request access to the case before the amount is paid out.

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