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What is the Port of Trondheim's responsibility regarding noise?

As a public port, the Port of Trondheim is required to receive ships and arrange for cargo handling in accordance with the the Norwegian Ports and Waterways Act. At the same time, we must be a good and responsible neighbour. This means that activity in our ports must at all times be compatible with current laws and regulations on noise.

With input from neighbours and in dialogue with the various companies that operate at the port, we can together find a solution that ensures a good neighbourhood.

What happens when you register your experience?

When you register noise in the form on this page, it will automatically be forwarded to our HSE manager for further follow-up. It is important that you provide a detailed description of the perceived noise, so that we can quickly find the source and take action.

Examples of measures related to noise can be:

  • Noise measurement at unclear or complex noise sources
  • Shielding / barriers that limit noise
  • Change of routines
  • Replacement of technology

Register noise

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