The port of Namsos is an important harbor for timber and other industrial goods, and with close connections to the national road network. Please find below an overview of available services, ISPS terminals and quays at the port of Namsos.
Mon. - Fri.Mon. - Fri.
Weekends / holidaysa.m. 06:00 - p.m. 15:15
Port security Tel: +47 918 66 017

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Quays in Namsos port

Quay-ID Quay name/Place Length Depth ISPS Water Crane
01 Rute Quay 64,0 6,0 Yes No
02 Expedition Quay 155,0 6,0 Yes Yes
03 Sand Quay 66,0 6,0 Yes No
04 Railway Quay 106,0 7,0 No Yes
05 Kis Quay 80,0 8,0 NOOSY-0001 No Yes
06 Spillum north 65,0 13,0 NOOSY-0001 Yes Yes
07 Spillum south 45,0 10,0 NOOSY-0001 Yes Yes

Call tables

Nr Name Arrival Departure Quay Length Gross tons
Forrige havn Neste havn Reder Maks passasjerer
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Call request

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Request for allocation of berth space

Inquiries are directed to the Port of Trondheim Namsos on tel: +47 918 66 017

Arrivals must be reported no later than 24 hours before ETA.


Vessels of 300 gross tons or more

All vessels of 300 gross tonnes or more must in addition report at the port of call via the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s portal Safe Seanet. This includes fishing vessels, recreational vessels and historic vessels of 300 GT or more

For further information on port dues, quay and goods compensation, see port regulations.

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