Trøndelag's largest industrial port

The port of Verdal facilitates and develops the port facility primarily for industrial companies with a need for bulk-based sea transport. Every year, more than 1 million tonnes of goods cross the quay in Verdal, and 90 per cent of the volume is bulk cargo related to industry at the port. It is especially the large deposits of limestone in Tromsdalen that make up the large bulk cargoes over the quay, in addition to agricultural products.
Mon.-Fri. a.m. 07:30 - p.m. 15:00
Port security Tel: Tel: +47 74 07 54 00


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Quays in Verdal port

Quay-ID Quay name/Place Length Depth ISPS Water Crane
01 Kalkkaia 110,0 9,0 NOVER-0001
02 Hovedkaia 230,0 8,0 NOVER-0001
03 Ro-ro 25,0 8,0 NOVER-0001
04 Utrustningskaia 70,0 7,0 NOVER-0003

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Nr Name Arrival Departure Quay Length Gross tons
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Call request

Request for allocation of berth

Requests for berths are directed to the Port of Trondheim Verdal on tel: 74 07 54 00


Vessels of 300 gross tons or more

All vessels of 300 gross tonnes or more must in addition report at the port of call via the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s portal Safe Seanet. This includes fishing vessels, recreational vessels and historic vessels of 300 GT or more.

For further information on port dues, quay and goods compensation, see port regulations.

See separate conditions for the port of Verdal.

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