About us

Trondheim Port Authority is an intermunicipal company, owned by 14 municipalities in the county Trøndelag. We operate and manage port areas on behalf of the owner municipalities and facilitate infrastructure for maritime transport such as cargo shipping, passenger traffic, cruise tourism and leisure boats.

Corporate social responsibility

The overall national objective is for more goods to be transferred from road to sea to reduce environmentally harmful emissions, improve road safety and reduce road wear. See more about the National Port Strategy here.

The Port of Trondheim operates under the Act relating to harbours and fairways (The harbor act). Our social mission is to contribute to increased sea transport of goods and passengers, provide accessible and safe harbors, as well as safeguarding the environment, safety and emergency preparedness.

Inter-municipal cooperation

As an intermunicipal port company, we can work regionally and comprehensive with sea transport and logistics. This means streamlining port operations, developing hubs for freight traffic and strategic adaptation to transfer more goods from road to sea.

The participating municipalities ‘ownership interests in the company are based on the valuation of the municipalities’ deposits (deposited properties and port facilities).


Trondheim Port has the following organization structure (in Norwegian):

The organizational structure was implemented on December 5th, 2022 and consists of three units: “Havneutvikling, Fellestjenester and Havnedrift”.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (in Norwegian) represents the owner municipalities in Trondheim Port Authority and is the company’s highest authority.

The Supervisory Board elects the Board, which together with the Port Director, is responsible for managing the port company.


Trondheim Port Authority is self-financed without public funding. Therefore, the port must ensure an acceptable profitability and a sustainable economy to meet the future needs of maintenance and investment in the future. As a result, a yearly annual report is given to the board.