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Looking for office space, warehouse or industrial areals near the harbour? In addition to renting out existing buildings, we are always open to looking at new opportunities in the port areas. Feel free to get in touch for a non-committal talk.

Vacant office space / warehouse in Trondheim

Bright, open premises for rent in the iconic building “Havnelager B”. The harbor warehouse was built by architect Bjarne Borgersen in the mid-1950s, and was one of the most modern port facilities in Northern Europe at the time. Today, the port warehouse houses a number of creative industries, in addition to warehousing and other business activity.

Type of room:

Office / warehouse


200 m2 office space | 170 m2 storage room


Elevator, air conditioning


Rental terms

Long term rentals

We offer the following services for long term rentals:

  • Periodic inspection of the property
  • Control and operation of common technical facilities
  • Control and operation of outdoor areas and common areas
  • Mowing and snow removal of the port’s infrastructure and common area
  • Inspection of green areas

In addition to caretaker services, the Port of Trondheim manages power supply and service at technical facilities and buildings.

Short term rentals

Short-term rentals can be offered for areas of up to 500 m2 and up to 4 weeks.

  • The following terms apply to short-term rentals:
  • An agreement must be entered into before goods or equipment are deployed.
  • Goods and equipment must be set up within the agreed area.
    The product owner or operator must clean and clean the area after use.
  • Failure to clean / clean can be performed by the Port of Trondheim, which will charge the product owner / operator for the costs.
  • Short-term rent normally applies to areas up to 500 m2 and up to 4 weeks. Beyond that, or if the Port of Trondheim requires it, ordinary leases must be entered into.
  • For the use of area without an agreement, or in addition to the agreed amount, the Port of Trondheim may impose an area fee per day.

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