Bridge opening

The bridges in Trondheim are operated by various operators. The Port of Trondheim disseminates information on opening hours on behalf of the operating operators, and assists in disseminating reported requests for bridge opening. All questions should be directed to those responsible for operations.

Questions about the operation of the bridges

The Port of Trondheim has no operational responsibility for the bridges in the Channel and asks that all inquiries about this to be directed to those responsible for operations:

  • Questions about Nidelv bridge or Skansen bridge should be directed to Bane Nor at tel: +47 916 72 766
  • Questions about Verftsbrua (Blomsterbrua) should be directed to Trondheim bydrift at tel: +47 72 54 63 50
  • Questions about Pirbrua, Svingbrua, Brattørbrua and Railway bridge should be directed to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on tel: +47 175

If you need a bridge opening in connection with entry and exit, this can be ordered via the form below, within the specified time. Bridge opening must be ordered no later than 15.00 the Friday before, and completed within the following time.

Cancellation of bridge opening must take place no later than 9 hours before the bridge opening takes place. In case of no-show / non-attendance, the customer will be charged for the costs this entails for attendance by emergency crews for the ordered bridge opening.

Opening hours for Skansen bridge

Skansen bridge opens daily for boat passage at the specific times below:

kl. 06:40-07:00

kl. 11:20-11:40

kl. 18:15-18:35

kl. 19:20-19:40

kl. 21:20-21:40

kl. 23:50-00:10

Contact telephone for Skansen bridge: +47 916 72 766

VHF 74

Order bridge opening

NB! Tidspunkt for bruåpning er fastsatt til kl.01:00. Avbestilling må skje minimum 9 timer før planlagte bruåpning.

Sailing conditions

The bridges in Nidelva and the canal

Stavne bridge | Pedestrian bridge | Year of construction:1956 Sailing height (m) 8,4
Width (m) 4
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 6
Cecilie Bridge | Pedestrian bridge | Year of construction: 2006 Sailing height (m) 10
Width, sailing (m) 26
Width, carriageway (m) 9,7
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 10
Nidareid bridge | Pedestrian bridge | Year of construction: 1964 Sailing height (m) 4,8
Width, sailing (m) 21
Sailing depth (m) 4
With (m) 4
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 6
Pedestrian bridge by Nidarø | Year of construction: 1995 Sailing height (m) 4
Width, sailing (m) 10
Sailing depth (m) 4,2
With (m) 3,4
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 6
Elgseter bridge | Year of construction: 1951 Sailing height (m) 14,3
Width, sailing (m) 22,5
Sailing depth (m) 16,3
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 10
Old town bridge | Pedestrian bridge | Year of construction: 1861 Sailing height (m) 7,6
Width, sailing (m) 8,5
Sailing depth (m) 5
With, carriageway (m) 5,5
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 1
Bakke bridge | Year of construction: 1931 Sailing height (m) 6,1
Width, sailing (m) 16,8
Sailing depth (m) 5,5
With, carriageway (m) 10,5
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 10
Verftsbridge | Pedestrian bridge | Year of construction: 2003 Sailing height (m) 6
Width, sailing (m) 12,5
With, carriageway (m) 4,5
Brattøra bridge | Year of construction: 1939 Sailing height (m) 4,5
Width, sailing (m) 11,5
Sailing depth (m) 4,0
With, carriageway (m) 9,0
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 10
Jernbanebrua / Railway bridge | Year of construction: 1950 Sailing height (m) 4,6
Width, sailing (m) 13,5
Sailing depth (m) 4,7
With, carriageway (m) 12
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 10
Ravnklo bridge | Year of construction: 1882 Sailing height (m) 4,9
Width, sailing (m) 18
Sailing depth (m) 7
With, carriageway (m) 5
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 10
Skansen bridge | Year of construction: 1919 Sailing height (m) 4
Width, sailing (m) 22
Sailing depth (m) 2,8
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 16
Nidelv bridge | Year of construction: 1973 Sailing height (m) 6
Width, sailing (m) 24
Sailing depth (m) 6,5
With, carriageway (m) 10
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 13
Pirbridge | Year of construction: 2009 Sailing height (m) 6
Width, sailing (m) 14
Shaft pressure (tonnes) 14
The stated sailing heights and sailing depths refer to low tide according to The Port of Trondheim's quarry lines of 0.74 m above map zero (LAT). The current sailing height in relation to low tide is indicated in the fairway at each bridge.

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