Waste management

We offer reception of ship waste at permanent environmental stations in all our ports.

Stationary vessels

  • Stationary vessels and charter boats deliver their waste to their own, marked reception stations.
  • A fixed fee is charged per year / month / day.
  • The fee is determined on the basis of vessel type and time in the port.

Hazardous waste and special waste

  • Handling of special waste must be ordered directly from the waste company by ship, agent or shipping company.
  • Delivery shall only take place on quays where reception of oil waste, cargo residues and sewage is safe and practically feasible.

Feel free to contact the Port of Trondheim for information about relevant companies that handle special waste.

Cruise ships and warships

Waste management must be ordered directly to the waste company from the ship, agent or shipowner. Feel free to contact the Port of Trondheim for information about current companies that can handle waste. Cruise ships and warships do not normally pay a waste fee. Exceptions apply if additional costs are incurred for the Port of Trondheim in assistance with the organization and facilitation of waste management.

Additional fee

Additional fee may be charged if

  • the delivery of waste entails additional costs for the port
  • for ships that deliver extremely large amounts of waste, in relation to the ship’s size, type and sailing time.

Exemption from fee

Vessels that document in writing that the waste is delivered to another port are exempt from the fee for waste management. Exceptions are granted from the time a written application with documentation is received by the Port of Trondheim, and until the current calendar year.

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