Goods statistics

See summary of freight development in our ports recent years.

The pandemic has challenged the sea transport

The freight statistics for 2020 show a slight decrease in the number of tonnes of goods. Several of the large flows of goods that pass through the Port of Trondheim’s facilities are exposed to different fluctuations and framework conditions in different markets. Both public budgets, local development projects, oil prices, good or bad grain years etc. has an impact on freight statistics.

Covid-19 pandemic has also led to several challenges for many of the port’s customers. Production stoppages for several periods, limited access to ships and containers, as well as closed borders have led to delays in the transport of goods from Central Europe.


Container shipping growth

The container statistics for 2020 show an increase in the number of TEUs of 12% from 2019. A larger line offer to the region’s product owners has strengthened container transport to Trøndelag.

Bulk cargo dominates

Dry bulk accounts for close to ¾-parts of the total freight volumes that cross the quay in the Port of Trondheim IKS. Lime from Tromsdal on Verdal is the dominant single flow of goods over the quay, with close to one million tonnes of lime over the quay.