ISPS courses

Port facilities which have arrivals of ships in international traffic shall be ISPS approved. Consequently, some dock areas will be defined, enclosed and controlled. Everyone must present a valid access card and have completed a course of the ISPS Code to enter on an ISPS terminal.

What is ISPS security?

The ISPS Code (The International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code) was adopted on 12-12-2002 by the United Nations Maritime Organization IMO, and aims to protect vessels, crew and passengers in international traffic, against terrorist acts.

Port facilities that call at ships in international traffic must be ISPS-approved, ie delimited, fenced and controlled. Everyone must show an approved access card and have completed an ISPS course to enter an ISPS terminal.

Online course

Seamless offers online courses in the ISPS code that provide a basic introduction to port and terminal security. With an approved ISPS course, you are given access to ISPS port facilities all over the world.

See further information and get access to online courses here.

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